Frequently Asked Questions

Snacking FAQs

Where Can I Find Seahorse Snacks Near Me?

We're currently available in four states, but our business is growing quickly! Check out the Our Locations page on our website for an ever-expanding list, and follow our Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn (linked at the bottom of this page) to receive updates. And of course, you can always order snacks through our website! ;)

I'm Allergic to Nuts. How Can I Support Your Business?

Well, don't forget Seahorse Snacks make a fantastic gift for a birthday, holiday, or any occasion! And you can also find merch on our website, with proceeds going towards stomach cancer awareness and research funding. But if you don't feel like buying anything, you can still follow us on social media, tell your friends and family about us, and help spread the word about our tasty snacks!

I Want Seahorse Snacks In My Business! How Do I Start?

You're making the right decision! Seahorse Snacks are healthy, flavorful, and made from the finest ingredients, a perfect addition to your location if you're looking for 100% customer satisfaction. If you want to be part of our retail family, contact, and find more information on our Wholesale page. 


What is CDH1?

CDH1 is a very rare genetic mutation that increases the risk of developing an extremely aggressive form of stomach cancer, hereditary diffuse gastric cancer or HDGC. The cancer is hard to detect and difficult to cure. For many people, the only option is gastrectomy, or complete removal of the stomach. 

How Do You Eat With No Stomach?

After the entire stomach is removed, surgeons connect the small intestine with the esophagus. This means Stacy has to chew her food into a purée before swallowing, since that's how she'll break down all her food. 

How Often Do You Eat?

Every two hours! Because she doesn't get hungry, Stacy sets a timer to remind her to eat. Without eating frequently, she would run out of energy very quickly. Along with a healthy variety of all the different food groups (and a good dose of nuts!), Stacy has to take calcium chews and watch out for her iron, vitamin D, and B12. 

What Can I Do To Help?

Raising awareness for those with CDH1 and all types of cancer is very important. Non-profits like No Stomach For Cancer, Save Our Stomachs, and Debbie's Dream Foundation are great resources for patient education and research funding advocacy, and they can always use support. Proceeds from our CDH1 merch such as our tumbler and our snack bag, available on this website, will go directly to help No Stomach For Cancer.