Meet our Snacks

Almonds, Cashews , Pistachios and Pecans in a variety of sizes!

Healthy Convenient Snacks for All Day Energy

These protein-packed nuts are a delicious, healthy way to stay satisfied and keep your energy high throughout the day. They are perfect for busy professionals, athletes, health - conscious individuals, or anyone seeking on the go nutrition.

Seahorse Snacks are made from premium, all natural ingredients and only using whole nuts. No fillers or preservatives, just nutty goodness.

How Seahorse Snacks Came to Be

Hi, I'm Stacy!

Hi, I'm Stacy!

And I am a seahorse. Like them, I live without a stomach, which means I snack - a LOT - to stay energetic and satisfied throughout the day.

I created these nuts as a fun, flavorful and non-boring way to snack no matter where I am. And that is where the story of Seahorse Snacks begins...

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