Our Story

A Rare Beginning


Well, my name is Stacy and I am a seahorse. Not literally of course, but like a seahorse, I do not have a stomach. In order to eliminate a higher than average risk of gastric cancer due to an extremely rare genetic mutation (CDH1) I had it removed. 

That now means I have to eat frequently in order to keep energy up throughout the day. (And by frequently I mean every two hours - literally!) 

Now that may sound great at first, but let me tell you: it gets old fast. I needed to find snacks I could eat on the go that would be easy, healthy and packed with protein to help keep me focused and energized.

Nuts are a great source of protein and I learned that I can make them extra delicious.

The Turning Point

I soon realized that while genetic mutation is rare, there are many other seahorses out there (and non-seahorses alike) who crave delicious, healthy, non-boring snacks. This is my way of sharing my story and love of food with the world!

And so, Seahorse Snacks began! Whether you're an athlete, seahorse, growing child, or simply a lover of snacking, these nuts will fit the bill.

Healthy delicious roasted nuts with unique and unusual flavors handmade by your favorite seahorse.

More flavors to come soon. Until then... 

Keep Snacking Seahorses!